Fernando Oliveira
Professor, Operation Management Department

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Ph.D in Decision Sciences, London Business School, UK

Msc. in Artificial Intelligence and Computing, University of Porto, Portugal

Licenciatura in Economics, University of Porto, Portugal

Research Areas

Energy markets

Real Options

Revenue Management

Risk Analysis

Sustainable operations management

Electricity – Oil - Telecommunications

Academic Publications
  "Dynamic Pricing Policies for Interdependent Perishable Products or Services using Reinforcement Learning" (R. Rana, F. Oliveira ), Expert Systems with Applications, Jan 2015, Vol. 42, Issue 1, p. 426‑436
  "Analysis of the Relationship between Forward and Spot Markets in Oligopolies under Demand and Cost Uncertainty" (N. Gulpinar, F. Oliveira ), Computational Management Science, Sep 2014, Vol. 11, p. 267‑283
  "A Risk Management System for Sustainable Fleet Replacement" (A. Ansaripoor, F. Oliveira , A. Liret), European Journal of Operational Research, May 2014, Vol. 237, Issue 2, p. 701‑712
  "Real-time Dynamic Pricing in a Non-Stationary Environment using Model-free Reinforcement Learning" (R. Rana, F. Oliveira ), Omega, Nov 2013
  "Pricing Option Contracts on the Strategic Petroleum Reserve" (F. Murphy, F. Oliveira ), Energy Economics, Aug 2013, Vol. 40, p. 242‑250
  "Contract Design and Supply Chain Coordination in the Electricity Industry" (F. Oliveira , C. Mora, A. Conejo), European Journal of Operational Research, Issue 3
  "Robust Trading in Spot and Forward Oligopolistic Markets" (N. Gulpinar, F. Oliveira ), International Journal of Production Economics, Jan 2012, Vol. 138, Issue 1
  "Developing a Market-Based Approach to Managing the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve" (F. Murphy, F. Oliveira , ), European Journal of Operational Research, Oct 2010, Vol. 206, Issue 2, p. 488‑495
  "Bottom-up Design of Strategic Options as Finite Automata" (F. Oliveira ), Computational Management Science, Sep 2010, Vol. 7, Issue 4, p. 355‑375
  "Limitations of Learning in Automata-Based Systems" (F. Oliveira ), European Journal of Operational Research, Jun 2010, Vol. 203, Issue 3, p. 684‑691
  "Analysing industry profitability. A "complexity as cause" perspective" (A. Caldart, F. Oliveira ), European Management Journal, Apr 2010, Vol. 28, Issue 2, p. 95‑107
  "'A Social Welfare Analysis of the Iberian Electricity Market Accounting for Carbon Emission Prices'" (A. Moreira, F. Oliveira , J. Pereira), IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution, Feb 2010, Vol. 4, Issue 2, p. 231‑243
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  "The Value of Information in Electricity Investment Games" (F. Oliveira ), Energy Policy, Jul 2008, Vol. 36, p. 2364‑2375
  "A Constraint Logic Programming Algorithm for Modeling Dynamic Pricing" (F. Oliveira ), Informs Journal on Computing, Jan 2008, Issue 20 (1)
  "Agent-Based Analysis of Technological Diversification and Specialisation in Electricity Markets" (F. Oliveira , D. W. Bunn), European Journal of Operational Research, Jan 2007, Issue 181 (3), p. 1265‑1278
  "Evaluationg Individual Market Power in Electricity Markets via Agent-Based Simulation" (F. Oliveira , D. W. Bunn), Annals of Operations Research, Jul 2003, Issue 121 (1-4), p. 57‑77
  "Agent-Based Simulation: An Application to the New Electricity Trading Arrangements of England and Wales" (F. Oliveira , D. Bunn), IEEE - Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, Oct 2001

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Other Publications
Press articles
  "Controlling Risks". Logistics Insight Asia, 22 Nov 2012

Teaching at ESSEC

Operations Management (Global MBA, Executive Education)

Revenue Management and Pricing (MS. Management of Technological Projects, MS SMIB, PhD)

Sustainable Operations Management (MS. Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Executive Education)

Risk Management (Ph.D.)

Awards and Distinctions

Prix Académique SYNTEC Conseil en Management 2010, in the category “Opérations, Gestion, Contrôle/Système d’information et Technologies”

Scientific Activities
Editorial Board Membership
  International Journal of Business Analytics, Information Resources Management Association
  Energy Systems, Springer

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